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Ground State Energy represents the vacuum space of infinity that is the support structure of all we know in our universe. Think of it as the Big Love Space that we all know intuitively. Qualities that we each have experienced in love, courage, compassion, dignity and protection, felt clearly in a fall of feeling or jump to action, take us in a blink to glimpse an inkling of understanding in powers and possibilities that are suddenly within reach. Connected thinking like connected universe is continuously updated.

Canvases are painted on both sides to show the 3D aspect of the 2D surface and the flexibility and movement possible. Multidirectional, the primed canvas has a feel of translucent skin; an intelligent membrane that contains, protects, communicates and feels. They connect like cosmic tattoos and spread like volcanic designs in magma.

Micaceous iron oxide acrylic paint is used, reflecting a delicate range of light.The shimmer contains the rainbow.

Ground state near Santa Fe, NM.